How to convert .jpg file to .pdf or .docx?

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You can get a quick PDF by

  1. Open your JPEG for viewing in whatever photo program you have.
  2. Selecting the print option.
  3. Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the Printer selection box.

This will create a PDF file for you. There might be a problem with multiple pages; you would have to repeat the process for each .jpg page.


You can scan any printed document and edit it as if it is written if you have following type of scanner.

Check your Scanner documentation to see if it came with OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Scanning your documents using OCR would give you editable text that could be formatted like any other document and then, as above, printed to a PDF file.

If you scanner didn’t come with OCR software, at least you’ve got a good, targeted search term to look for freeware.

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